Magdalena i Michael 26.07.08 – AleGloria

Dear Mr. Czaja,

We would like to thank you dearly for being the DJ at our wedding reception, held at the restaurant Ale Gloria in Warsaw, on the 26th of July 2008.

We feel that the way you performed as Master of Ceremony was professional, enjoyable and made the evening structured with good organization. Your language and presentation style was very well received by the guests as it was informal and relaxed yet clear. Furthermore, you were never invasive towards the guests, something we very much appreciated.

All of the guests were thrilled by the music arrangement and we would like to thank you especially for making sure that the music tied together, following the main theme of the evening.

The contests were enjoyable and amusing and, as previously said, were never intrusive towards the guests. You made sure that each contest was fun and exciting for everyone (even the elderly guests said they had a marvelous time even though the wedding reception was primarily aimed at the younger guests).

All in all, to be concise, we feel that we are greatly satisfied with the service you supplied us with!

To be specific, we feel that you did a great job in presenting, in arranging the music, in holding the contests, in joking with the guests, in announcing special events and, of course, in making us feel that that special evening was just for us!

Thank you!

Best Wishes,

Magdalena & Michael Erlandsson